yHead Officez
2-22-37 Dejima, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 734-0013 Japan
Paid-in capital 270,000,000 yen
President Hiroshi Nishiyama, CEO
Shareholder KLKG HOLDINGS, Co., Ltd.
Office staff   170
Operations staff   70
Marine staff   48
iCurrent as of April 1, 2019j
Settlement term End of March
Business Harbor transport service, Shipping Agency service, domestic transport business (domestic transport, domestic transport handling, vessel lease/sales service), warehouse service, tug business (including in-port/ocean tugging service), seaguard and disaster prevention business, truck transport service, customs service, logistics service, agency service for property and life insurance

Corporate Principles
1.   Our primary businesses are the service business in two areas: the Harbor Transport Division which remains in close contact with local regions, and the Total Logistics Division which links Japan to the world.
2.   We shall always maintain a view of business from the customer's perspective, and faithfully carry out services that are safe, reliable, and fast, and to provide services that are high-grade in every respect, including ideas, quality, and customer satisfaction.
3.   We shall be honest with ourselves, observe corporate ethics, and contribute to protecting the environment and to local societies.
4.   We shall value the wisdom and efforts of the workplace, and maintain a challenge-seeking approach as we constantly strive for innovation, rationalization, and greater efficiency.
5.   Employees shall work to continually improve themselves. The company shall fairly evaluate their initiative and effort, and provide employees with a workplace that is not simply a means to make a living, but which is a bright and purposeful place to work.

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