Experts in Harbor Logistics that Connect Sea and Land
Experts in Harbor Logistic

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Experts in Harbor Logistics

With seven operation divisions, Seagate Corporation handles all aspects of harbor logistics services, from the port arrival and departure of vessels for marine transport of imports, exports, and domestic cargo, to the loading, unloading, and storage of cargo, and making arrangements for transport over land.


We handle wide variety of operations in harbor logistics, including shipping agency, tugboat, stevedoring, import/export cargo customs clearance and storage, steel warehousing, coastal (barges), and roll-on/roll-off businesses.

Company About Us

Japan relies on imports for most of its goods, including clothing, food, and housing. More than 90% of such shipping is by sea. As a harbor logistics company that connects sea and land, Seagate Corporation provides a wide range of operations to support people's daily lives.

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