Company Overview


Philosophy Management Philosophy

We established our management philosophy on October 1, 2005, the second anniversary of the founding of Seagate Corporation.

  1. Our core business is harbor logistics services, with the harbor transportation department and the total logistics department comprising our two main services.
  2. We shall always maintain a view of business from the customer's perspective, and faithfully carry out services that are safe, reliable, and prompt, while providing services that are high-grade in every respect, including ideas, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  3. We shall be honest with ourselves, observe social ethics, and contribute to local communities and conservation of the environment.
  4. We shall value the wisdom and efforts of the workplace, and maintain a challenge-seeking approach as we constantly strive for innovation, rationalization, and greater efficiency.
  5. Employees shall work to continually improve themselves. The company shall fairly evaluate their initiative and effort, and provide employees with a workplace that is not simply a means to make a living, but which is a bright and purposeful place to work.

Overview Company Overview

Capital 270 million yen
President Hiroshi Nishiyama, CEO
Shareholder KLKG Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Office staff: 158
  • Technical staff: 64
  • Maritime staff: 48

As of April 1, 2022

Settlement term End of March
Business Harbor transportation, shipping agency, coastal transportation, warehousing, tugging (including in-port/ocean tugging service), seaguard and disaster prevention, consigned freight forwarding, total logistics, customs clearance businesses